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Tortilla Soup

Posted in Gluten Free, Soup, Vegetarian by Pamela

As promised, here is my weekly soup recipe. A hearty Tortilla Soup that is very easy to adapt to all tastes and requirements (a daily hurdle for me). Start with some good chicken stock, or in my case “No chicken, chicken stock” really, that’s what it is called and it tastes just like chicken stock…. Continue reading

My Favorite Cornbread

Posted in Gluten Free, Sides, Soup, Vegetarian by Pamela

I thought with all the soups coming your way (from me) that warm, crusty, yummy cornbread was a must. Yes that is 1/2 a loaf in the picture, we devoured the other half warm from the oven slathered with butter!! Wouldn’t you? Print My Favorite Cornbread Category: Gluten Free, Sides, Soup, Vegetarian Ingredients 1 cup… Continue reading

Quick Lentil Soup

Posted in Gluten Free, Soup by Pamela

My early Christmas gift to you all this week is a super fast and tasty Lentil Soup. I know everyone is crazy busy this time of year, and sometimes questions like “what’s for dinner?” don’t hit the radar until after 6pm, right? All you need is 1 bag of everyday grocery lentils, you probably have… Continue reading

Zucchini Soup

Posted in Gluten Free, Soup, Vegetarian by Pamela

5 Reasons to make soup in the summer: 1.  It’s 67 degrees, soup is good when its cold outside. 2.  You planted too many zucchini plants in your garden and you are running out of idea’s for serving them. 3.  You contracted a summer cold, and only soup will do. 4.  You really like soup,… Continue reading

Super Bowl Detox Soup

Posted in Gluten Free, Soup, Vegetarian by Pamela

Yes we had fun yesterday at our friends Super Bowl Party. Yes we ate way too much. Yes wings, tamale pie, philly cheese steak sandwich, sausage and other pork goodies and of course chips with salsa, and yes beer. So yes this is why detox soup was on the menu tonight! Vegetarian (or not) Mexican… Continue reading

Start now with soup

Posted in Gluten Free, Soup, Vegetarian by Pamela

Sometimes it’s hard to get started. With exercise, cleaning, resolutions or even cooking. I set up this blog a few weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect meal to start blogging. Well every meal between then and now should have been perfect. But somehow I just wasn’t feeling it (as my 13yr old son… Continue reading