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Your Gluten Free Kitchen

Posted on October 5th, 2012 by Pamela

Your Gluten Free Kitchen

Here are some handy tips and recommendations, that I follow in my household.

We are not a gluten free household.

I am the only Celiac here.

So I take certain precautions to remain healthy.


  • I have my own toaster, no whole grain wheat crumbs in my baby.
  • Purchase your own condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup), preferably in squeeze bottles.
  • That way no one can dip their knife in the mayo after swiping it across the wheat toast.
  • Or when first opened remove some to a sealable container that you can mark GF.
  • This also applies to butter, not that you can get in squeeze bottles, have your own.
  • Try to use plastic cutting boards, that way you can pop into dishwasher if any question as to what was on there last.
  • I have my own colander, it also likes the dishwasher.
  • Your own cookware may be a good idea, especially if you use non-stick since gluten loves to linger there.
  • Same with wooden spoons, gluten can cling to those too.
  • Baking sheets never seem really clean, even after a good scrub, so have your own just to be safe.  If that is not an option right now, just cover surface with foil for now and replace each use.
  • I keep all my pantry items on a shelf above the gluten containing ones.
  • Keep your own oven mitts, my family likes warm bread, and those artisanal breads are covered in flour.
  • I keep a separate sponge for washing up of the dishes, and separate dish towels to dry with.