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How I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by Pamela

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease April 24, 2009.

For me it started with my compulsion to eat ice.  

Yep ice.

It’s a Pica thing, some people when vitamin deficient eat non-nutritive things like ice, some eat clay, dirt even soap. I had been anemic many times in my life, never was what I was eating discussed, rather what I was not eating, thinking I was missing something in my diet.

So, my Doctor ran some blood tests,  and confirmed yes I was Anemic, but also very depleted in vitamin D. Then promptly sent me home with mega dose vitamin D pills and iron supplements.

So I am thinking “Why does this happen to me?” What is going on in my body that I am so deficient? Add to that the symptoms of headaches, bloating, tiredness and always, always bathroom issues.

I googled my symptoms (not normally recommended), and Celiac’s came right up. Really?  

Could it be that easy? Another blood test to screen for wheat intolerance, not conclusive on its own, however it was very positive.

At this point, I went ahead and booked an Endoscopy with a Gastroenterologist to confirm my googled diagnosis.

Yep, positive.

That first week I read everything online that I could. I was suspicious of every food item that I put into my mouth.

Still very cautious.

Thankfully every day great resources, products and new perceptions are created.