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Yellow Cake with Almonds

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We had guests for dinner a few days ago.  I had time to consider what to make for dinner, but put not a thought into any form of dessert.  Sigh…

Lucky for me, we had a box of gluten free yellow cake mix in the pantry.  Actually it had been in there for quite awhile (don’t tell my guests!). 

I could just make that?  Whip up some buttercream frosting?  Maybe add some toasted almonds to dress it up?

This worked out so well, I might have to always keep a box of gf cake mix on hand.  Just in case of course, for the next dessert emergency….


PS. –  A professional baker once told me when using a boxed cake mix to:

Add an extra egg, milk or buttermilk never water, add melted butter in place of any oil, also add a tsp of almond or vanilla extract.

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